Scientists from CL4W attending international meeting in China

Scientists from CL4W project attending meeting of international experts in China

On 9 November 2015, Dr Phil Longhurst from Cranfield University – a member of the CL4W project – will be joining an international team of experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing to discuss methods for cleaning contaminated land.

“China has large areas of contaminated land,” Phil explained. “Therefore any method of land reclamation has to be economically viable.”

The EPSRC-funded CL4W project explores ways in which contaminated land can be brought back to life using plants to accumulate toxic metals, such as arsenic, nickel and lead. It examines how these plants can then be processed using bacteria to form valuable metal nanoparticles.

Representatives from the CL4W project have already met with colleagues from top Chinese Universities, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nanjing Normal University, South East University, Nanjing and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing to share this expertise in land remediation.

“The Chinese are interested in the recovery of valuable materials from the contaminated land – including metals such as lead and arsenic,” Phil added. “They are also looking at ways in which crops could be grown on the land, which do not compete with food harvests, but have other uses – such as fuel.”

The week-long international gathering includes site visits, and discussions on the latest techniques for land clean up. It will promote further collaboration between members of the CL4W project and their counterparts in partner organisations in China.

“It is good to have our work recognised as being internationally relevant,” said Phil. “China has one of the largest land banks in the world to manage, and the fact that we are involved means that there will exciting opportunities in the future for the CL4W project team.”

A joint paper with the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been produced. For further information read:

Jiang, Y. Lei, M., Duan, L. and Longhurst P (2015) Integrating Phytoremediation with Biomass Valorisation and Critical Element Recovery: A UK Contaminated Land Perspective, Biomass and Bioenergy, 83, 328-339, doi:10.1016/j.biombioe.2015.10.013