EXHUME -Efficient X-sector use of Heterogeneous Materials in Manufacturing

EXHUME is a partnership between the universities of Birmingham, Cranfield, Exeter and Manchester, funded by the EPSRC. The team is developing new and resource efficient composite recycling and re-manufacturing processes in collaboration with industry.

composite blockComposite materials are made from two or more materials, which –  when combined -produce a new material with characteristics that are different from the original components. They are often stronger, lighter or less expensive than traditional materials.

These materials are used in all kinds of ways from buildings and bridges to racing car bodies, as well as aircraft and spacecraft.

Their properties allow for innovative design and functionality, as well as high fuel efficiency – but the increased use of composites inevitably leads to waste, and the question of what to do with it.

EXHUME is looking at the scientific and technical challenges currently faced by the composite industry and how these materials can be recycled.

The partnership is:

  • Developing new technologies to process composites.
  • Developing a fundamental understanding of the properties of scrap material to work out the most appropriate way for it to be recycled.
  • Providing vital support to companies to exploit the scrap re-manufacturing technology.
  • Evaluating the energy and resource efficiency of composite re-processing, re-use and re-manufacture.
  • Assessing the environmental impact of composite recycling.

The team’s aim is to reduce the amount of composite waste being sent to landfill by recycling the materials. It is developing new processes to recover and reuse the valuable fibres and other materials.

Watch an info-graphic  video investigating how to optimise a factory floor process for composite recycling.

Find out more by visiting the EXHUME web site.

Meet the EXHUME team: