CL4W – Cleaning land for wealth

About CL4W

Cleaning land for Wealth (CL4W) addresses the challenge of treating contaminated land to recover materials for future use and economic gain.

Land is one of the world’s most precious resources . But in certain areas – where land redevelopment is of less interest – clean-up activities are often hindered by lack of economic drivers.

Cleaning Land for Wealth (CL4W) project involves collaborators from five  leading UK Universities (Warwick,  Edinburgh,  Birmingham, Newcastle and Cranfield ). This multidisciplinary team has expertise in: Contaminated land, Conversion of biomass to energy, Phytoremediation, Synthetic biology, Biorefinery for controlled lingo-Cellulose degradation and Nanomaterial application.

Using this range of expertise, the aim of the project to use plants as a land remediation technology and to develop an engineered bio-process to produce high value products. This will improve the economic viability of such a clean-up project. So far, the high value products include: metal elements in their nanoparticle forms and organic compounds derived from lingo-cellulose degradation (e.g. DHA). The project is also seeking to convert biomass into a variety of high value products as well as renewable energy.

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