CORE Partner Projects

Find out more about our partner projects working in different aspects of resource efficiency:

CL4W – Cleaning land for wealth

graphic 1Cleaning Land for Wealth (CL4W) is looking at how plants can be used as a means to reclaim land. It is also  developing an engineered bio-process to produce high value products such as metals . It is a collaboration between the Universities of Warwick, Edinburgh, Cranfield, Birmingham and Newcastle.

CLEVER – Closed Loop Emotionally Valuable E-waste Recovery

Children playing the mobile phone operation gameThe CLEVER project is looking at ways in which e-waste can reduced. It is a collaboration between the Universities of Bath, Newcastle, Loughborough, Surrey and Oxford.

EXHUME – Efficient X-sector use of Heterogeneous Materials in Manufacturing

New kayak 001A smallThe EXHUME project is developing methods of resource efficient composite recycling and re-manufacturing processes with industry. It is a collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham, Cranfield, Exeter and Manchester.