CLEVER academics Tap into Science

Bath Taps into Science is an award winning science festival held by the University of Bath. This focuses on enthusing young children and the general public about science and engineering.

Children playing the mobile phone operation gameResearchers from the CLEVER Project saw this event as a great opportunity to test the engagement activities devised by the team for children and families – including a 3D printed mobile phone, the “Operation” Game and the CLEVER App.

One of the main events during the festival was the Schools Science Fair where over 1,400 primary school children had the opportunity to meet academics and scientists and try hands-on activities with real science and engineering.

The other main event was the Family Science Fair held in Bath city centre to promote science and engineering to members of the passing public.

The team found that the activities were very successful in encouraging the audiences to get involved and to persuade them to think further about electronic waste and the valuable components that need to be recovered for a sustainable future.

Dr Álvaro Cruz-Izquierdo, Research Associate at the University of Bath said:

 “This was a really good opportunity to test the 3D printed phone, the “Operation” game and the App at a large scale event. The game in particular was an absolute success, as it provided us with a great opportunity to talk with school children about the components of a mobile phone. The App was also very popular – people were able to see the issues related to e-waste, and mobiles in particular. “

Screen shot of the CLEVER appThis was the first time that the CLEVER App had been piloted, and it gave the team the opportunity to garner some valuable feedback, and make some minor moderations before the next public engagement event.

Alvaro added: “Before the event, I was afraid about whether the activities would be appropriate for the age of the children attending the event. But I was impressed with their curiosity and how they got involved and engaged.”