Case Studies

Creative Outreach for Resource Efficiency case studies

CORE engagement successes highlighted by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE)

Three outreach projects commissioned by the CORE project have been chosen by the nationally-recognised NCCPE. The Centre only selects novel and exciting examples of outreach activities to highlight best practice in public engagement.

Click on the links below to view our case studies on the NCCPE site:

Instruments of the Afterlife
Recycled Kayak takes flight
One of the projects that CORE worked with was the CLEVER project. The multi-disciplinary team investigated how personal electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets could be designed differently, so that consumers would become attached to them and therefore want to keep the devices for longer. The team also looked at how the valuable materials contained within these products could be recycled, so enhancing resource efficiency and reducing the amount of electronic waste going to landfill.
Engaging young people in world-class science
One of the outreach activities supported by the CORE project was a series of innovative STEM workshops for secondary school pupils.
Instruments of the Afterlife
The CL4W project explored ways in which contaminated land could be brought back to life using plants to collect toxic metals such as arsenic, and how these plants could then be processed by bacteria to form useful metal nanoparticles. The CL4W team – supported by CORE – decided to work with internationally renowned art-duo BurtonNitta to reach new audiences for their scientific work.
Recycled Kayak takes flight
The EXHUME project investigated the challenges of recycling fibre reinforced composites. This looked at all aspects of the process, from the material science and chemical engineering required, the manufacturing, to the environmental and economic viability of developing a market for recycled materials. The EXHUME team – supported by CORE – wanted to demonstrate to prospective industrial partners the potential of recycled carbon-fibre materials and how they can be used to create new goods, therefore reducing the amount of carbon-fibre waste being sent to landfill.
Great Egg Smash Challenge
Can you save your egg from destruction? This is the challenge posed by our Egg Smash Challenge!
Egg Smash Challenge - decorated egg
Operation Clever
Researchers from the CLEVER project have devised an interactive game, based on the children’s “Operation" game, to raise awareness of electronic waste with a range of audiences.
CL4W scientists and Instruments of the Afterlife
Find out about Instruments of the Afterlife - a collaboration between the CL4W project and art duo Burton Nitta
Academics Wow Glastonbury
Watch how Jaqi Lee (a co-investigator on the CLEVER project) and her colleague Richard Murphy from the Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, bring sustainability to Glastonbury Festival
Local children learn about science
Find out how our mini science fair engaged local school children
Science fair at Loughborough University